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Somali News Update -Sunday - August 27, 2017

The Islamic State news agency Aamaq has claimed the Brussels attacker who assaulted three soldiers with a knife as an Islamic State group soldier.

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Somali News Update -Saturday - August 26, 2017

OTTAWA — Manitoba could face hundreds more African asylum seekers crossing from the United States as that country winds down a temporary-stay program. It’s unclear whether Ottawa is doing anything to stem the flow.

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Somali News Update -Friday - August 25, 2017

Mogadishu (HOL) - Close to a dozen people, including children are reported killed during security operations near Bariire, Lower Shabelle on Friday as residents and authorities dispute the identity of those killed.

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Somali News Update -Thursday - August 24, 2017

If you visit any major city or town in Somalia, chances are that you will come across the colorful artworks that dot the walls of both private and public establishments.

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Somali News Update -Wednesday - August 23, 2017

Mogadishu (HOL) - Turkey is expected to launch its largest overseas military training facility in Somalia’s capital in September.

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