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Somali News Update -Sunday - November 24, 2019

Somalia’s President Mohamed Farmajo and his Prime Minister Hassan Khaire spent most of their adult lives abroad; the former as a diplomat who later attained American citizenship (which he claims to be renouncing) and the latter as a refugee in Norway who became an executive at Soma Oil.

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Somali News Update -Saturday - November 23, 2019

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Zakaria Hersi the husband of Almaas Elman who was killed last week in a gruesome bullet shot has paid tribute to his departed wife and expressed his deep loss.

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Somali News Update -Friday - November 22, 2019

The head of Somalia´s electoral commission told the U.N. Security Council on Thursday that 2020 is "a pivotal year" for the country whose citizens have been denied the right to political participation for 50 years and are hoping for an election with universal voting.

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Somali News Update -Thursday - November 21, 2019

MOGADISHU (HOL) - The death of prominent Somali-Canadian human rights activist Almaas Elman, who was shot in Mogadishu yesterday, shows the risk faced by activists in the country and underlines the need for the authorities to ensure the safety of civilians, said Amnesty International.

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Somali News Update -Wednesday - November 20, 2019

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Almaas Elman the sister of the renowned human rights activist Ilwad Elman was Wednesday afternoon shot dead near Halane compound in Mogadishu.

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