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Somali News Update -Sunday - April 21, 2019

To many people, plane crashes are only understood better in movies. Given that many cannot afford a trip in it, the majority of people cannot fathom how a plane crash happens

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Somali News Update -Saturday - April 20, 2019

When Mary Harper’s mobile phone regularly lights up with four or five particular numbers, her heart sinks. She feels physically sick, because she can predict what is coming.

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Somali News Update -Friday - April 19, 2019

ST. CLOUD — Hudda Ibrahim is trying to mend misconceptions and fear with sambusas and Somali tea. On a rainy April day, the 33-year-old college instructor greeted more than two dozen residents for a bimonthly ...

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Somali News Update -Thursday - April 18, 2019

Democratic Republic of Congo President Felix Tshisekedi has declared a day of mourning for Friday, with 114 people still missing days after a boat capsized on Lake Kivu, killing 13, the presidency said.

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Somali News Update -Wednesday - April 17, 2019

Ousted Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has been transferred to a Khartoum prison following his toppling by the army last week, a source from his family told AFP on Wednesday.

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