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Why is President Farmaajo Winning the Election?
By Abdisalam Garjeex
Thursday March 17, 2022

The main reason Farmaajo is favored to win the upcoming elections is due to the overwhelming support of millions of Somalis abroad and at home, including ethnic Somalis living under the neighboring States of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Djibouti. This support isn’t based on tribal affiliation or fear but of the President and the ideals he stood for during his first term: patriotism & devotion for his country and its people. According to election observers with 3/4 of the Parliamentarians already selected, the President enjoys the solid lead through the support of 140 MPs. Meanwhile in Garbaharey, PM Roble and Madoobe are still scrambling to appoint their MPs and alter the election rules but it may already be too late. The elections will conclude by the end of April at the earliest with a prediction of an overwhelming majority vote that re-elects the President for a second term.

Accomplishments of The Last Five Years

A.    Through a steadfast President, we Somalis have recovered our dignity and name among the communities of nations, safeguarded our sovereignty, and re-emerged as active leaders in the councils and committees of United Nations and global bodies. Today we are considered as equals with our adversaries and partners with our friends.

B.    The Government made headway in fighting corruption and introducing accountability–no misappropriations are taking place in the Ministry of Finance and Central Bank; the President is seen as a role model when it comes to keeping the treasures in safe hands; international organizations certified the monetary and fiscal policies of Somalia and was considered eligible for a loan, investment and developmental projects. 

C.    The President and his council of Ministries built an effective Somali National Army capable of defending our nation’s territorial integrity against all foreign and domestic enemies.

D.    The SNA successfully continued fighting with Al-Shabab everywhere, in towns and villages of all the Regional States.

E.    The Government permanently instated monthly salaries to all members of the army and civil servants. 

Farmaajo is Somalia’s Only Hope

Of all fifteen candidates, not one deserves a vote. They failed in their previous capacity to lead this nation; they looted the meagre resources of the fragile population, sold the seaports and land to neighboring countries and wealthy Arabs, worked as spies for our enemies. They ought to be condemned as traitors. Just imagine for a moment if Hassan Sheikh, Sheikh Sharif, or Deni were elected to be at the helm of Somalia’s leadership? They would surely catapult us back to the dark days and conditions that caused Somalia’s collapse in 1991.

True Hope for The Future: Four More Years of Farmaajo

We hope the President will continue his work in rebuilding the nation as he set out to do in his first term. We will support his efforts to implement these goals: 

1.    Fight mercilessly with the Al-Shabaab movement and its ideology and eradicate them once and for all.

2.    Enforce rule of law and maintain peace and justice for all.

3.    Restart all public services including education, health, electricity and water supply to cities, towns and villages.

4.    Establish economic development; encourage and facilitate farming, fishing and oil and mineral explorations.

5.    Reconcile segments of the society, bring and unify the regional States under the umbrella of the Federal Government.

6.    Remove AMISOM and transition responsibilities to the SNA; remove peace-keeping forces of the neighboring Kenya & Djibouti for promoting agendas against the country and people.

7.    Force Deni and Madoobe of Puntland and Jubaland to resign or reject them to be candidates for re-election. They should be judged in a court of law for their treasonous acts of collaborating with those considered enemies of Somalia.

8.    Continue the process of achieving one-man-one-vote for the next election cycle. 

Four more years of Farmaajo may raise Somalia to full-fledged nationhood. It will bring the refugees and those of us displaced in the diaspora back to their country to once again participate in rebuilding the nation. Farmaajo is the man that will lead Somalia to peace and prosperity, therefore I urge every patriotic citizen to work with and support their President.
Abdisalam Garjeex
Ashburn, Virginia – USA
Email: [email protected]


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