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Puntland Selects only one Female Parliamentarian

Hiiraan Online
Tuesday January 1, 2019

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GAROWE (HOL) - Condemnation has marred the election process in Puntland, after the dispute resolution and approval committee of Puntland State of Somalia selected 66- member state parliament made up exclusively of men to sit in Puntland's House of Representatives.

Only one female member was selected to the region’s parliament which will be responsible for picking the next President and speaker of the Somalia's arid, semi-autonomous region of Puntland on January 8, 2019.

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The 66 members of parliament represent each sub-clan in the region. Clan elders are almost exclusively male, and clans themselves struggle to accept changes to this.

Elections in Puntland are usually unique as the selected clan representatives who are MPs chose who leads the region as President.

The representatives are always picked by clan leaders who are now at the center of the condemnations.

Here are some of the reactions on twitter;

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