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UK, EU and Germany suspend Financial aid towards soldiers in South West State over arrest of Mukhtar Robow

Hiiraan Online
Tuesday January 1, 2019

MOGADISHU (HOL) - The United Kingdom (UK), the European Union (EU) and Germany have suspended financial aid towards police officers based at the South West State(SWS) in Somalia.

In a joint statement sent to the Internal Security Ministry in Somalia, the trio however gave room for negotiation saying that it would like to see the officers improve on how they deal with civilians.

“We would very much welcome the opportunity to discuss these issues with you and the state authorities to understand your perspective on police performance and consider how we might work together to see improvements in the future,” read the statement.

The SWS officers are said to have used extra force during the arrest of Mukhtar Robow who was eyeing the SWS state presidential seat.

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Mr Robow is said to have been picked by a contingent officers from the Amisom Ethiopian National Defence forces in Baidoa.

He was detained for more than 48 hours before he was flown to Mogadishu under tight security.

His arrest is said to have led to a serious demonstration and the death of at least 15 people including regional MP Abdishakir Yaqub Ibrahim who was killed in a shooting and the arrest of more civilians including children.

It is the arrests and detaining of the children that is said to have angered the bodies raising this concern.

Nicholas Hayson, the Special representative of the Secretary General and head of the United Nation Mission in Somalia has also asked Minister of Internal Security to act swiftly and see the matter addressed.

“If action has not yet taken place., I urge that the matter be thoroughly and promptly investigated and that appropriate action is taken to hold any perpetrators, including commanding offiers responsible,” he told Mr Abukar.

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