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Mogadishu mini-marathon tainted by allegations of cheating

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Saturday April 6, 2019

Maryan Nuh alleges that two of the participants were driven to the finish line in a military vehicle, robbing her of the victory.

Mogadishu (HOL) - What was meant to be a healthy and fun activity in a city desperate for some respite from violence was tainted by allegations of cheating, according to participants.

The second annual Mogadishu Mini-Marathon took place yesterday to commemorate the International Day of Sport for and Peace.

On Saturday, the Somali ministry for Sports announced that it has launched an investigation in allegations that the mini-marathon was compromised by cheating. A female athlete claimed she was denied her victory.

It is alleged that military vehicles transported some of the runners to the finish line.

Sports minister, Khadijo Mohamed Diriye has directed the event organizers
to submit a full report.

"We asked the 50 member committee which supervising the marathon to share with us the report of the race and what happened," the minister said.

Maryan Nuh, who participated in the competition said a military vehicle helped two girls to reach the finish.

"I saw two girls who were being transported by a military vehicle. When I reached the finishing line, I was told that the girls finished before me. I told organizers that they were transported by a vehicle, the committee told me to keep quiet," she said.

The marathon which is intended to promote interaction among the public take place annually in the capital.


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