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Simatech pledges to support Somalia

Press release
Friday, July 12, 2013

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Simatech Shipping LLC was established in 1988 under United Arab Emirates laws and is registered in the UAE. The partners of this company are a Singaporean and a UAE National.

Simatech functions in strict compliance with the UAE Commercial Law and International shipping practices, and adheres to all UN and US/EU regulations. Simatech is one of the largest feedering companies in Asia; focusing on providing feedering services to ports in the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia, China and Africa. With its head office located in Dubai and Singapore,Simatech has regional offices all across Asia.

Sima Marine is a sister company of Simatech’s, and is specialized in agency, liner, feeder and logistics solutions.

Sima Marine has offices in Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia.  These affiliate companies are incorporated under laws and regulations of the country where they operate. Each agency unit is headed and staffed by experienced and professional personnel. Sima Marine Offices provide an array of agency services to renowned and reputable lines who trade worldwide and carry strict checks before awarding agency business.

Additionally, Simatech is developing a modern container terminal in Mogadishu. Simatech and Somalia Port Authority have developed a program to modernize Mogadishu Port, which is the largest and leading international port in the region.  Mogadishu is recognized as a hub center for international commerce in the country. Mogadishu. Port Container Terminal (MPCT) has been awarded to handle all incoming and outgoing containers at the Port of Mogadishu. Since the contract was conferred, MPCT has grown into a productive and applauded port operator of the region.  MPCT’s future plans at Port of Mogadishu includes port expansion with an investment of US$ 170 Million which will be initiated upon the approval of Somali Government.  

Mogadishu Port Container Terminal also plans to set up a merchant marine academy in Mogadishu to train local youth as skilled seafarers through qualified trainers from abroad in order to create employment opportunity in worldwide shipping companies. Mogadishu Port Container Terminal acts as a reliable gateway to international trade network. It is committed to providing efficient services, reliable facilities, modern infrastructures and overall quality standards in line with market growth as well as business partners’ expectations.

This all in a country that was savaged by civil war, and is now on the way to recovery.

In January 2013 Simatech launched its feeder service to Mogadishu, the capital and the largest city of Somalia.

It has come to our attention that certain individuals with vested interest in Somali business, have published news articles containing false allegations with the intention to damage Simatech’ s reputation.

This is a new service in the existing vast network of Simatech services. This is the first container feeder service into Eastern/Central part of Somalia after a period of 20 years of civil war and unrest in the country (Somalia). The service directly calls Mogadishu, making it the most convenient, safest, fastest and the most cost effective way of sending containerized cargo into Somalia. This new container service of Simatech has come as a great relief to the importers and exporters of Somalia as they are now able to transport their cargo safely and speedily. It is a significant step that will support the further development of the Somalian economy. It has also come at a cost to individuals who were benefiting a great deal from Somalia being a closed economy, as with a direct service the cost of moving goods into
the country has come down dramatically. We firmly believe that the persons behind the false allegations do not wish for such services to exist in Somalia due to their vested interest.

Needless to say, Simatech is exploring all legal avenues to address these baseless and fabricated allegations, and we are in talk with relevant authorities to hold into account the responsible individuals.

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