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Lawyer Ahmednassir Abdulahi denies any role in National Cereals and Produce Board saga

Friday, July 12, 2013

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Lawyer Ahmednassir Abdulahi has denied claims he influenced the outcome of a High Court case where National Cereals and Produce Board ( NCPB) was ordered to pay Sh564 million to Erad Suppliers and Contractors Company over supply of maize.

Abdulahi, who is a member of Judicial Service Commission, also refuted claims that his law firm – Ahmednassir Abdikadir Company Advocates bought tender documents in a bid to supply maize to NCPB.

When he appeared yesterday before Public Investment Committee chaired by Eldas MP Adan Keynan, Abdulahi dismissed claims by Nairobi businessman Brian Yongo.

He said Yongo is a busybody who had been involved in a ring of extortion and graft.

The businessman had also claimed that he introduced Abdulahi to Jacob Juma, who is one of the directors of Erad and that Sh50 million was to be paid and shared between him (Yongo) and the lawyer.

Abdulahi, who gave sworn evidence, claimed that even though Yongo was a Class Eight drop out, he had impersonated a lawyer and acted for NCPB in many cases before he was exposed and arrested.

“Yongo is an impersonator, a Class Eight dropout who worked as a lawyer for NCPB and was arrested while representing NCPB in Nakuru. The records are there for all to see,” Abdulahi said.

Yongo had earlier told the committee that he had challenges completing his education but had ‘qualification by experience’.

“I know him and acted for him in a big case against an insurance company. I have acted for him as a friend and I can tell you he has blackmailed and extorted a lot of money from lawyers,” Abdulahi said.

Abdulahi added Erad did not pay a penny to judicial officers as claimed and that the case was lost because of incompetence and negligence of other people.

“ NCPB has for unknown reasons not appealed against a decree despite retaining seven lawyers to act for them. The answer to all the questions being raised amidst all the noise lies in the fact that an appeal has not been lodged,” he said.

“It is unfair that a character of the ilk of Yongo can make allegations against respected judges and is believed,” Abdulahi said.

Abdulahi said he was not on record as an advocate for Erad but only provided technical advice to a lawyer representing the company.

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