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Two injured in fresh Moyale fighting
Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two people have been injured in fresh fighting in the volatile Moyale town Wednesday.

Marsabit Governor Ukur Yattani said local leaders including the county commissioner, senator, MPs, county women representative and county assembly representatives were holed up in a hotel where they were meeting to find a solution to the persistent skirmishes.

Mr Yattani said leaders from the county had converged at Al Yusra Hotel to “try and talk to the warring groups but we are marooned here".

"Some MPs are still on the way coming,” Mr Yattani said.

He said at least two people were injured in Wednesday's clashes.

Mr Yattani said two people including a minor were shot and injured when the fighting targeting certain communities broke out on Tuesday.

Speaking to the Nation on phone, Mr Yattani said there was little help coming from security personnel to contain the attacks.

“We are getting very little help from security personnel,” Mr Yattani said.

He said fighting was going on in Moyale Town during the phone interview and that it covered a radius of 40 kilometres.

“Shops are being looted and houses burnt. The entire area is on fire. The fighting is ongoing and we are unable to get right information on injuries as we are unable to venture outside until calm resumes. We have, however, been told two people were injured in the morning,” Mr Yattani said.


At least six people have been killed since last Friday.

Mr Yattani has said political rivalry is to blame for fuelling inter-clan conflict in Marsabit county.

He said the real and underlying problem was political competition.

“The last General elections held on March 4 left us more divided because one community lost in all county seats,” said Mr Yattani.

The governor said the community sees itself as marginalised and having no stake in the affairs of the county.

But as a way of uniting the communities, the governor said he has incorporated all communities in all levels of the county government.

“We have already done that, we have shared out positions equally, even the people who did not vote for us were given cabinet positions, and they even got the largest share of county positions,” said Mr Yattani.


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