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Proposed vote divides Garissa leaders as they differ in public

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

KENYA: Garissa county political leaders on Monday differed in public over the impending referendumto increase allocations to the counties.

The Jubilee and CORD leaders, addressing a public rally after a two day-leaders consultative forum, came out strongly to push their party views on thereferendum.

Senator Yussuf Haji told the gathering the referendumhad taken a different dimension from its initial purpose to lobby more funding for the 47 counties.

Haji said those who wanted to assume leadership of the country through the backdoor have now hijacked the process.

However, CORD MPs who included County Women Representative Shukran Gure, Bishar Ibrahim Ahmed (IJara) and Dr Mohamed Dahiye (Daaadab) sharply differed with their colleagues.

They told the gathering that the constitution provides for the counties to get 40 per cent of the country’s total revenue.

They said the 15 per cent allocation was too small and therefore, it is upon the Jubilee government to follow the law or face the wrath of the public.

“Whether Jubilee likes it or not Kenyans are ready for the referendum and there is nothing that will stop us,” said Shukran.

Bishar said leaders from the Cord coalition were united in the referendum and not divided as alleged.


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