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Kenya: Security teams must work harder to defeat Shabaab

By Njoroge Kinuthia
Saturday, November 10, 2012

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The cowards have struck again in Garissa and stirred us back to the bitter reality—the Al Shabaab   is still in our midst. They might be groaning painfully under the spiky heel of Amisom forces in Somalia, but it is apparent that a lot of work needs to be done here to defeat the terrorists.

Admittedly, our security officers have been doing a good job, and on various occasions, have arrested suspects and confiscated dangerous arms intended for their terror missions. As a result, the number of terror attacks have gone down. But we would be lying to say that we are out of the woods now.


That crazed miscreants can sneak into police quarters and hurl explosives in broad daylight, kill and injure worshippers in a  church simply beggars belief. While no one is safe from terrorists, daring attacks like this on the  police surely don’t inspire confidence in Kenyans on matters security.

This attack must serve as a wake-up call and police and intelligence officers must work over time to ensure that such attacks will never happen anywhere in the country.

When police ignore crucial leads

Mr Haggai Aura has lost faith in the police force—sadly at a time when the officers have received a pay hike. It’s hard to blame him as you would also do the same were you in his shoes.

Last year, Aura was attacked by robbers, along with 40 other bus passengers and robbed of  his effects, including a mobile phone. Most of the passengers, too, lost their money, phones, laptops, clothes, among other valuables.

They reported the incident immediately, and even made follow-ups, but finally Aura gave up after he realised that the officers he was dealing with “were not interested in pursuing the gang”.

He had a good reason for making the conclusion. His stolen phone had a tracking function, which alerts him every time there is SIM-card change. To date Aura still receives messages from the phone.

“My phone circulates among seven users, which is the same number of gunmen who robbed us.” He has shared this information with police, including the mobile numbers but no arrests have been made. Is it so hard to track down the callers? Aura can be contacted at [email protected].

Source: Standard Digital


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