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Kenyan troops gear up for fiercest battle in Afmadow

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Kenyan forces in Somalia were Monday preparing for a fierce battle in the town of Afmadow following reports that the Al-shabaab militia have regrouped and armed themselves to defend the town which is their transit point to the port town of Kismayu.

The troops assisted by other allied forces in the offensive, have also launched aerial attacks with jets bombing several Al shabaab bases in the port city of Kismayu to pave way for ground troops to capture Kismayu.

According to the spokesman Emmanuel Chirchir, the Al Shabaab were back in the town of Afmadow for a fierce battle in efforts to defend the town captured by the Kenyan troops last week.

Speaking to KBC, Chirchir, said the  Kenyan troops have been mobilized in readiness of what he termed the nastiest battle since the start of the offensive.

He confirmed that the troops started aerial attacks on Sunday in Kismayu bombing several Al shabaab bases in the port city assisted by other interested forces.

Meanwhile, the U.S government has pledged their support to Kenya in the Somalia offensive and promised to revise a travel advisory issued to Americans through its Embassy in Kenya.

Operation Linda Nchi entered its 9th day with Kenya's defence forces 35KM into Somalia on the north where they are targeting to capture the town of Busar.

Their efforts have however been hampered by heavy rains.  Meanwhile, France has denied reports that its carrying out bombardments in  Somali.

According to a statement from the French Embassy, there are no French warships near Kuday, South of Kismayu.

"The Embassy would like to clarify that there are no French warships in the vicinity of this area' read the stamen.

Elsewhere, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has been forced to suspend its measles vaccination campaign in Daynille, on the outskirts of Mogadishu due to heavy fighting between Somalia Government forces and Alshabaab.

The campaign is targeting 35,000 children.


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