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We, at Hiiraan Online, are proud to nominate the great Somali cartoonist, Amin Amir as the person of the year 2004. A nomination he earned through his spectacular art-work, non-partisanship and his marvelous fine arts work that often appear on this page. In his capacity, Amin incorporates the equivalent of encyclopedias of tragedies into one “says it all” cartoon. He, therefore, honorably deserves to be our pick for the Person of This Year 2004.

Mr. Amir is doubtlessly a god-gifted cartoonist. He has a very good reputation among Somalis everywhere. Through his pencil, he tirelessly defends the Unity of Somalia, Human rights issues and the Press Freedom, all of which are at foreseeable risk. His most remembered cartoons of the year include, among others; July 1 st Independence event, the Somali reconciliation conference at different levels, Ethiopia’s constant interference in Somalia, warlord’s anonymity with Siad Barre’s regime, the last Parliament’s debacle in Nairobi, the new administration’s fresh aggression against Somali media personnel and it’s favor for foreign media outlets, and perhaps his most powerful cartoon of the year : The young Zam Zam Duale’s case in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Usually, Amin’s cartoons grab the reader’s attention with chuckle and a deep sense. For his latest Cartoons, please check:

We, at Hiiraan Online, while congratulating Amin for the outstanding performance; we suggest the establishment of an Amin Amir Institute of Fine Arts to celebrate his legacy.

Amin Amir and his family now resides in Canada. Please join us in congratulating Amin Amir



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