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Somalia's War Against Al-Shabaab: A Call for Unity and Support"
By Amb Hassan Dahir Dimbil
Friday September 15, 2023


In a critical move to ensure Somalia's long-term stability and security, President Dr Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has declared war against the notorious extremist group, Al-Shabaab. This decisive action calls for unified support from various segments of Somali society. Here's why parliament, politicians, civil society, religious leaders, youth, and women should rally behind the President's initiative.

Somali Parliament holds a vital role in the nation's decision-making process. By endorsing the President's initiative, parliamentarians can provide the legal and financial resources required for a successful campaign against Al-Shabaab. A united parliamentary front sends a powerful message of national unity.

Political leaders across the spectrum should set aside their differences and stand together in the fight against extremism. This unity demonstrates that the safety and prosperity of Somalia transcend.

Civil society organizations have historically played a crucial role in peace-building efforts. By supporting the President's war on Al-Shabaab, they can contribute to fostering stability, protecting human rights, and providing assistance to those affected by the conflict.

Religious leaders possess significant influence over their followers. By voicing support for the President's initiative, they can help counter the extremist narrative and promote a message of peace and unity rooted in Islam's true teachings.

The youth form a substantial portion of Somalia's population, and their energy and enthusiasm can be harnessed to drive positive change. Engaging young people in initiatives to combat extremism and rebuild the nation can lead to a brighter future.

Women in Somalia have consistently shown resilience and strength during challenging times. Their support for the President's mission can help create a more inclusive and stable society, empowering them to contribute further to Somalia's progress.

In conclusion, President Dr Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud 's declaration of war against Al-Shabaab marks a critical turning point in Somalia's journey toward stability and security. Achieving success in this mission is not the responsibility of the President alone; it is a collective endeavor owned by all Somali people. To move forward as a nation and secure a brighter future, unity and support from parliament, politicians, civil society, religious leaders, youth, and women are imperative. Somalia's progress hinges on the determination of its people to stand together against extremism and work towards a more stable and secure nation.


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