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Embracing the Primary Role in Nurturing my Autistic Child
By Haashim Ducaale
Thursday August 31, 2023


In the intricate tapestry of parenting, my journey as a father to an autistic child has been a profound lesson in prioritizing love, time, and active involvement. The task at hand extends beyond mere parenting; it's about equipping my child with the tools needed to not only begin life on the right note but also to navigate its challenges with confidence. Looking back, I fervently advocate that regardless of one's wealth or the demands of a career, parents are the unparalleled educators for their autistic children. This narrative emerges from my personal reflection as I delve into the significance of being present for my child, weaving the threads of love and understanding that have formed the bedrock of his development.

In a world where obligations often stretch us thin, it's become increasingly evident to me that there's no substitute for a parent's presence. The notion that money or the busyness of a career can compensate for the time spent with my child is a fallacy that I, too, once bought into. Yet, this journey with my autistic child has taught me that I am his ultimate teacher and guide. Specialists and therapists undoubtedly contribute their expertise, but the heart-to-heart connection between a parent and child forms an unbreakable bond that transcends any other. Through shared experiences, conversations, and mutual understanding, I've come to realize that my consistent presence holds more weight in his growth than anything else.

Every autistic child possesses a unique set of traits, strengths, and challenges. It's a journey often defined by its intricacies and subtleties, a truth I've learned through the experience of raising my son. While experts provide invaluable insights, I've found that love is the bridge that connects his world to mine. Love becomes the pond from which I draw the teachings that equip him with life skills essential for his independence. It's in the embrace of affection and patience that I've witnessed his remarkable progress, underscoring the fact that personalized attention rooted in love outshines any generalized approach.

Realizing that time is my most precious resource has been a revelation. The fleeting nature of childhood and the impermanence of life have heightened my awareness of the urgency to invest in my child. The journey is as much about him as it is about me; the shared experiences shape not just his growth but also my evolution as a parent. While the professional world clamors for my attention, I'm acutely aware that the time invested now lays the foundation for his future independence. I've recognized that the moments spent together are more than just moments; they're investments that echo into the future.

Gazing back at the footprints I've left on this journey, I find myself grappling with the shadows of regret. In the pursuit of career milestones, I confess to being ensnared by ambition. The echoes of missed opportunities and precious moments slip through my fingers, haunting me with the wisdom that I could have done better. The aspiration to provide a comfortable life for my family inadvertently led me to compromise on the very presence that could have shaped my child's world. If I could turn back time, I'd trade some of those late office hours for early bedtime stories and shared laughter.

The present is now an intricately woven fabric where every thread is defined by love, patience, and intentionality. I've transitioned from being consumed by professional pursuits to centering my life around my child. While I understand that I can't be his constant companion, I'm committed to making each moment count. It's no longer about being there 24/7 but about making the moments I'm there truly count. Gratefully, my partner's unwavering support has filled the spaces I inadvertently created. Her grace and commitment have blended seamlessly into my journey, shaping our son into the remarkable individual he is today.

In a world where gender roles are evolving, the responsibility of raising an autistic child must be shared equitably. The narrative that designates women as primary caregivers while men assume the role of breadwinners is outdated and counterproductive. The evolution of my journey has prompted me to reflect on the significance of my role as a father, not just as a provider, but as a teacher, nurturer, and advocate for my child. It's a clarion call to all fathers out there: let not the pursuit of success blind you to the profound impact you can have on your child's life.

In conclusion, my personal reflection serves as a testimony to the profound lessons learned in the company of my autistic child. The unequivocal role of parents in nurturing their children, especially those with unique challenges, cannot be overstated. Love, time, and active involvement are not just luxuries; they are the building blocks that construct the pathways to independence and growth. It's a journey marked by reflection, redemption, and relentless commitment—a journey that continues to shape both my child and me.

Hashim Duale MBE


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