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On President Qoor-Qoor!

by Mohamed Abdulle (Dudishe)
Sunday, July 5, 2020

Galmudug President Ahmed Abdi Kariye (Qoor-Qoor) in Guriel, Galmudug Regional State

For those who follow Somali politics, it’s impossible to ignore President Qoor-Qoor’s first five months in office.  It has been an impressive and remarkable period in a country where negative politicking has become the norm. While the federal election turmoil has been tickling Mogadishu politicians and Puntland’s top two politicians had been busy poking each other, Galmudug has enjoyed a period of relative political tranquility.

One repeated flaw new presidents often display, & voters complain, is access. We are used to seeing presidents insulating themselves within their palaces and only to pop-up on Eid prayers. People say Qoor-Qoor’s presidency has been as transparent and accessible as any liberal democracy institution.

Somalis in every region have been yearning for a change; a change from petty politics to cooperative politics. People are tired of politicians bickering on each other; respecting neither the constitution nor the constituents.

Xaaji Macoow, a seasoned observer, says it is refreshing to see a president trying to reach out to his friends as well as to his foes. President Qoor-Qoor was able to  build a team of rivals and got them to support his vision for Galmudug.

Recent survey on Caldense group shows Qoor-Qoor’s political tent is growing. Xaaji Macoow argues that the president has had a working-honeymoon where he started building bridges and forming an inclusive administration.  Xaaji Macoow points out the president’s “peace tour” as a sign of a proactive president.

The peace tour, a well choreographed presidential visit throughout the region, including a meeting with Madaxweyne Deni, has been a success! He has been visiting small towns, hugging, listening, & dancing with the locals. He even managed to score a camel & a Kitab from yours truly’s Reerka.

The president’s goodwill gestures & his positive politics had attracted local investors. In a recent fundraising event, attended by President Qoor-Qoor, astute investors had raised nearly $100 million to build the largest seaport in Galmudug. News of potential foreign investors coming to Galmudug has been shared widely within the region.

President Qoor-Qoor, as a man with a mission, has been marching well with the drumbeats of hope. He has a complete independence from the feds; yet they see him as their man. This dichotomy where many people see him as a regional independent thinker & many others regard him as a federal team-player is a rare quality in Somali politics’ zero-sum thinking.

With little resources, President Qoor-Qoor is performing very well early in his presidency; imagine how good he will be when the world notices and donors start pouring resources to nurture this promising state. Let’s hope this presidential goodwill of President Qoor-Qoor continues to build the momentum for Galmudug and transforms the region.

Mohamed Abdulle (Dudishe)
Mogadishu, Somalia
Email: [email protected]


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