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Somalia’s “see and wait policy “towards the maritime melt down with Kenya is commendable

by Anwar Abdifatah Bashir
Sunday, July 07, 2019

The two neighboring countries have had long-lucrative and plausible relations, whether it’s diplomatic, business, social intermingling, and others. Kenya hosts the largest refugee camps globally from Somalia. Furthermore, Somalis are one of the residents in Kenya under North-Eastern counts, formerly known as NFD. In the meantime, Eastleigh is one of the high-end and bustling economic in Kenya and East-Africa hub. As plenty of talking heads evoked that, Eastleigh (Small Mogadishu) produces closely half of the Nairobi city’s income (Center for Business District). Because, colossal of businesses are conspicuous in Eastleigh, especially if you visit this market during Christmas days, you can witness how this market is booming, fetching and enticing the purchasing power. When it comes to the political landscape, Somalis have enormous outstanding representatives including majority leader Aden Barre Duale, the third most powerful Kenyan politicians in terms of constitution and chain of commands. Keeping all these in mind, Somalia and Kenya’s relations remain intact. 

Regrettably, the evolving diplomatic ties amidst Somalia and Kenya becomes blowback and other way round, when Somalia filled 2014 its accusation against Kenya to ICJ for Kenya’s meddling and implementing illicit operations inside Somali’s sea. Since then, their relations were becoming Punic. During Hassan sheikh’s era, former president of Somalia, number of times the ICJ holds public hearings toward this issue.

On the other hand, when Farmajo, the incumbent Somalia president was elected in February 2017, his government expedited the maritime dispute against Kenya. Plenty of times Kenya suggested to tackle the maritime dichotomy among them by dialogue and tradeoff, but Somalia persisted courageously and famously that, the ICJ’s irrevocable decision unleashed which is expecting to be somewhere in this September will be Somalia’s satisfaction. After Somalia had taken this temerity without hesitation, Kenya embarks to deteriorate the situation by re-routing and re-directing WAJIR the flights from Mogadishu to Nairobi. Also, Kenya starts arresting Somalia’s talking heads including well-respected scholar Dr. Prof. Ibrahim, aka (Bursaliid) for bum rap.

Additionally, Kenya several times evoked that, they will not accept the ICJ’s decision, and their country is ready to fight with Somalia. Some of the political commentators pontificated that, these unqualifiable and flip-flopping policies from Kenya can be interpreted that, Kenya intends for the antidote and preemptive. Because, they believe that, they will be vanquished in this maritime issue. So, Kenya is applying its last resort towards this issue.

The most dumfounded and slap in the face

Kenya’s deep-grudge against its backyard Somalia becomes crystal clear when Kenya’s Member of Parliament (Moses Kuria) evoked publicly to rob and target Somalis in Kenya. This frivolous, childish, churlish and buffoonish utterance ignited and jeopardized the moral of the Somalis credulous community in Kenya. Previously, Kenya’s immigration abnegated to permit visas entry to Somali politicians as part of their deep-hostility against Somalia. All these unripe decisions which Kenya is taking recklessly harm the diplomatic suavity and the tranquility among the two neighboring states.

NFD: Dormant Volcano

If Kenya continues its insatiable demand, dubious argument, arresting Somali ethnicity and torturing the naïve Somali community in Nairobi under the guise of the maritime dispute, they should know that Somalis live in Kenya, especially North-Eastern counts belong to Somalia. And it’s not whimsical to reclaim their nationality and coalesce Somalia belatedly.

Affront tweet from Kenya and Somalia scolds against such despise

Kenya is putting its last-ditch efforts, unquantifiable endeavor and digs deep to make Somalia annoyed. Late last month June 2019, Kenya posted it's foreign ministry’s tweeter that; Kenya had a meeting with Somaliland’s foreign minister by enhancing and expediting the mutual interest among the two countries as they said. After Somalia hears this naked and hetero provocation, Somalia summoned Kenya’s ambassador to Somalia Lucas Tumbo last week Sunday 30 June and was given him take care message. Because, this tweet jeopardizes Somalia’s sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity. By the way, Kenya is doing all these asymmetric retaliation and childish actions in order to ostracize Somalia.

Somalia tends foster-father and Somaliland becomes stubborn as a mule!

Internationally, Somaliland is yet part of Somalia, regardless of how they are evoking self-proclaimed independent state, irrespective their internal administration. Because Somaliland’s recognition is tailored and relies on Somalia’s acceptance. But, Somaliland’s political leaders, especially the incumbent Musa Bihi are deluding the people by his deep-rooted grudge against Somalia, while his pseudo government tends lip service. Somaliland’s administration permanently and blithely castigate anyone who demonstrates any sense of great Somalia nationalism. Practically, Somaliland arrests tremendous talking heads including Members of Parliament by just saying, 18 may don’t reflect our real independence, and our real independent day is 26 June. After, the Mp announced this, immediately has been arrested by Somaliland troops. Additionally, Somaliland enormous times arrests journalists, civilians, critics, and dissenting voices. In this regard, plenty of international organizations rebuked Somaliland’s outlandish and improper conducts by saying “Amnesty condemns Somaliland for escalating censorship, harassment, and prosecution of the naysayers”.

The other side of the coin, Somaliland is doing all these political stupidity wittingly so as to demoralize Somalia. Last week, Muse Bihi received an official invitation letter from the president of the Guinea Conakry Alpha Condé. After this news erupted, Somalia’s government responded harshly after the foreign minister of Somalia announces that Somalia cuts its tie with Guinea Conakry in last Thursday 06/07/2019. Historically, there were no perceptible diplomatic ties between Somalia and Guinea. Plenty of talking heads, including Yahya Amir, veteran economist opined that maybe there is negligence within Guinea and Somalia.

For instance, Guinea's president doesn’t classify between Somalia and Somaliland, maybe he looks for contacts from the websites and maybe he gets the contacts of Somaliland instead of Somalia. So, it’s been better, after Somalia government hears this shocking issue, to communicate with Guinea Conakry and tell them that, Somaliland is part of Somalia. Then, we can classify whether Guinea Conakry regrets or persists its impertinent action against Somalia. Some others say, UAE has political and economic clout with Guinea, so UAE makes this collision of inviting Somaliland In order to belittle Somalia. So, if Guinea has done this reckless action wittingly, then everything is clear, and Somalia’s decision of cutting its tie with Guinea Conakry is exemplary and gets much kudos from the citizens.

Monica Juma in London 27 June, Emerging Security issues in the Horn of Africa

Kenya’s foreign minister her Excellency Monica Juma has attended that meeting as a last resort, dig deep and heavy-lifting towards the diplomatic cliff with Somalia. Mrs. Juma addressed that, Somalia is trying to take Kenya’s sea. Also, Juma says that ICJ has no mandate to handle this issue. Bear in mind this, plenty of political pundits and talking heads opined that, the reason behind Kenya’s demonization and smear campaign against everyone who tries to handle the maritime dispute is, Kenya believes that, they will be the underdog. So, Kenya is looking for tradeoff among Somalia and Kenya in order to get at least some area of Somalia’s sea. Suffice it to say that, it’s candid, crystal clear and self-explanatory Kenya is the aggressor and Somalia is the victim. Because, Somalia employs “maximum restraint” while Kenya applies “maximum pressure” and Monica’s charm offensive trip was to drum up support and coax the international family to their blatant aggression, ridiculous voracious and frivolous demand of Somalia’s sea. And finally, Kenya’s cockroach strategy is dead on arrival and will end futile.  And that is why Kenya is trying to usurp Somalia’s sea. Their clueless towards the forlorn hope that they undertake will wreak havoc and in vain surely.

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir (Freelance Journalist/
Horn of Africa Geopolitics Analyst and Independent Researcher)
Email: [email protected]


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