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Suicide bombers will never ever intimidate Mogadishu citizens

Football at Mogadishu’s Lido beach                            partying/music event in Mogadishu

by Muuse Yuusuf
Sunday, May 05, 2013


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Suicide bombing by brainwashed Somalis is a frightening phenomenon that has instilled fear and anxiety in the hearts and minds of many Somalis who are now confused because suicide bombing has never been part of their culture. So far over 12 suicide bombings have been carried out by such lost souls and characters, the latest being the suicide bomber who has detonated his car at KM 4 in Mogadishu. The target was obviously to assassinate government officials. However, victims of this barbaric act of violence are all innocent people who were going about doing their daily business.


Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for this heinous crime against peace loving Mogadishu citizens. And what makes this action distasteful and heart-wrenching is that Ahmed Godane, leader of this criminal organisation, has released a recorded message, praising the action of his brained-washed puppets, calling them “martyrs” and “heroes”. Having just killed 10 innocent civilians, the man then went on to indulge himself in political and religious propaganda based on self-delusion to justify his awful crime against innocent Mogadishu citizens whose only crime was to have dared to come out of their homes doing their daily business. This man is obviously crazy and mentally retarded, and his rhetoric and religious propaganda will only unite all Somalis against his illegal organisation. 


Take this from me, this man’s name will go down in the dark pages of Somali history books as a villain who enjoyed maiming and killing innocent people, stoning women to death, and chopping their limbs.


But Mogadishu citizens should know that Al-Shabaab’s reign of terror and its network have been dismantled piece by piece thanks to the concerted efforts of our brave Somali forces and the international community. This organisation is now a history.  Gone are those days when they terrorised Mogadishu citizens with politically motivated public executions: beheadings, chopping limbs and other despicable actions.  Mogadishu residents should also understand this:  using some brain-washed puppets, this criminal organisation will strike now and then, causing havoc and mayhem. But this should only make you stronger, resolute, determined and united behind your government to defeat this extremist organisation.  I know Mogadishu citizens will stand up against this murderous sect as they stood up against the infamous warlords, religious extremists, and murderous Ethiopian forces.


Furthermore, Mogadishu citizens are now busy participating in the efforts of re-building Mogadishu as a great city to re-claim its past glory soon. And they know that acts of violence by villains will never ever stop them from getting on with their lives as they will not weaken their determination and resilience.  


Indeed, rather than being intimidated, Mogadishu citizens should take to the streets to condemn these kinds of barbaric actions; they should hold huge music festivals in theatres, and should also congregate at Mogadishu’s lovely and beautiful sandy beaches to demonstrate to the leaders of this mad sect of murders that their days of terror and religious oppression have gone, and that Mogadishu citizens can now freely enjoy and entertain themselves in bars, restaurants, theatres, stadiums and night clubs without fear and intimidation. It is these kinds of social civic activities that will ultimately destroy the minds and hearts of these evil and lunatic religious dogmatists as this will make them realise that their time is over.


Long live Mogadishu citizens.

Muuse Yuusuf

London, UK

[email protected]


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