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Hello. My name is Mr. Qabiil
by Liban Osman
Saturday, May 04, 2013

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Hello. My name is Mr. Qabiil.
I am the disease that took over Somalia.
I seek refuge among the ignorant.
I divide them and make them kill each other.
I specialize in creating orphans and widows.
I am a master in the art of raping innocent women.
I do no know mercy or compassion.
I humiliate my victims and drive them away to distant lands.
I play with their minds even the preachers and teachers.
I am the master of disaster, I cause chaos.
I am the soldier raping their mothers.
I am Al shabaab, Al sheydaan, Al foreigners.
I am Amisom and daily shellings.
I am the Somali government ignoring your problems.
I am a problem without solution.
I am the poor leaders without a conscience.
I am a man made starvation killing them slowly.
I am the darkness without a light at the end of the tunnel.
I am the cause and the consequence of their suffering.
I am a whole generation without an education.
I am the black genocide refusing to be reported.
I am auger smuggler killing and bribing.
I am agony and destruction, I am self inflicted wound.
I am the root cause of all evil, Racism ain't got nothing on me.
I am the ocean full of dead bodies.
I am refugee camps maker, I make them feel sub-human.
I am the one that cause their problems but they still love me.


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