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Ahmed Nur Ali Jumale: A fair man who deserves justice and fairness

by Mahdi Farah
Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Somali govenrment's decission to demand the UN embargo be lifted on the Somali bussinessman Ahmed Nur Jimcale deserves to be hailed and celebrated. The government's move came late, however, as the proverb goes 'it is better late than never.' 

When the country's institutions collapsed, in early-ninties, as a result of the civil war Mr Jimcale facilitated telekommunications infrastructure connecting the Somalis abroad with their relatives at home. He also invented money transfer system that helped millions of Somalis in Somalia to recieve much needed help from their countrymen abroad.  Further, he strated charity organisations that helped starving somalis inside the country. It is difficult to oversate the many lives he saved  as a result of his business making skills and charitable activities.  Sadly, his business and charity activities were hampered or limited by the events of September Eleven in 2001. He became one of the victims of the so called 'War on terror.' Now, more than a decade, this man deserves justice and fairness. After a through investigation, the Somali government' committee that investigated allegations agianst Mr Jimale concluded that there was no justification for keeping Mr Jumcale and his companies on the UN:s Embargo list. The accusations and allegations against him were mere rumours and hearsay, which could not stand the scrutiny of the Somali govenment's committee. 

Eventually Mr Jimacale will get the treatment he deserves: namely, to be celebrated and hailed as one of the most innovative businessmen Somalia has ever produced.  If the embargo were lifted, Mr Jimale would be in a better position to economically and socially contribute to his country's rebuilding efforts.

Mahdi Farah
[email protected]


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