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Attribute to our fallen Heroes’

by Faisal Ahmed
Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I refused to leave and was taken away against my will. Today, men and women who grow up in the diaspora and have decided to help rebuild their country are once again forced to leave or face threat of severe bodily harm or death.

This week a beautiful life was cut short when unknown assailant shot and kill Abdirahman Hussein from Sweden. The only crime this smart kid committed was going back home in the hope of changing lives or at least making a difference.  I am proud of him because most of the youth in his age bracket do not have the urge to go back to assist their fellow countrymen and women.

One thing struck me as strange, we do not know why this young man was murdered, we do not know what crime he has committed besides trying to build a bridge between his adopted country (Sweden) and Somalia.

At onset of the civil war, another determined man left Canada with nothing but the determination to assist street children in Mogadishu. His goal was to give them the skills necessary to lead independent lives. Eventually, he was taken away from those who needed his help, street children, without another alternative.

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We can all remember the murder of Professor Shahid. Professor Shahid is the founder of Banadir medical school. He joined other medical doctors in Somali to train the next generation of medical practitioners. He was killed along with some of the first graduates from the medical school at their graduation  ceremony.

The list of individuals who were killed for serving the poor is endless. I don't ask to know who killed them but why they were murdered. The who is easy but the why was never debated. Most articles, blogs talk about who killed and we rarely discuss why they were killed.

It should be clear to all that those killed would have died anyway, when someone is destined to die nothing can stop it. Our dead heroes knew that death was inevitable and that one can still pursue their goals when the threat of death is hanging on their head. This is the absolute truth, whether we hide in our homes and venture out, we will encounter death someday.

Ken Sarawiwo said " Africa is dark because it has killed its own sun". Ken was condemned to death and later hung for seeking justice, freedom and human dignity. The killers failed to understand that in the market of ideas, the best idea will sell.

This is a celebration of their lives, achievements and their heroic efforts to make a difference. Of course the loss of beautiful lives is hard but we must keep their spirit alive. The death of Abdirahman does not end his aspiration and dreams, It will be alive forever and passed on generation of people committed to serve the poor.

Let's pray for Abdirahman and others who have lost their lives seeking to serve the vulnerable.

Faisal Ahmed
[email protected]


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