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Somalia: no matter what, we’ll never abandon you!

by Mohamed Awaleh
Friday, April 05, 2013

The majority of Djiboutans might not agree on the President of Ismail Omar Guelleh’s domestic policy; but one thing they do agree on unanimously is - the unconditional support of re-building New Somalia.

The recent classic example is: the contribution of the Djiboutian Arm Forces in Hiiraan; the Medical, economic and military equipments assistance that the government of Djibouti honored to the Prime Minister of Somalia, Mr. Saacid.

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Not to mention the constant financial and economic aid to Hargeisa – although that President Guelleh deliberately and utterly ignored his own community in Zeila and Lughaye State ( the Homeland of his ancestors; and the birth place of the former President of the Republic of Djibouti, Mr. Hassan Gouled Aptidon, May Allah bless him to Paradise).

The reason! We might never know. But, one thing he should understand that - he cannot longer overlook his next door neighbor (Zeila and Lughaye State); otherwise, the impoverish residents of Somali-Issa will continue flooding into the Republic of Djibouti in order to escape the hardship of their homeland and they’ll become beggars into the streets of Djibouti-ville.

Needleless to say, the Djiboutians never forget what their brothers and sisters in Somalia have done for them– especially, during the struggle against the French colonialist and the ongoing threat of Abyssinians’ (Ethiopians) invasion of the young Republic ever since they gained their independence, under the expansionist leader of Haile Selassie and the Mengistu Haile Mariam – who were always dreaming to conquer the International Port of Djibouti.

Having said that, the lion share of the reincarnation of their nation, Somalia will entirely be on the shoulders of the Somalis themselves; whether they are into the Mainland or abroad.

The Somalis must tie their belts if they are sincere to see their home country prosper again. Some of their government officials have to give up their conning ways and get rich quick scum; and begin working the future for their children and grand children.

Make no mistake, the Djiboutians will always be there for their brothers and sisters; whether President Ismail O. Guelleh will be there or not – that’s what family does!

Mohamed Awaleh
[email protected]


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