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The Impact of KDF Action in Garissa

by Ahmed Abdikarim Farah
Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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Garissa town was the provisional headquarters of North Eastern Province during Moi Regime. Since Narc came to power, it has be destabilizes by officials from ODM who were from Wajir Town. Politicians from Wajir among the late Ahmed Khalif, Mohamed Abdi and Elmi have been advocating to up-grade Wajir Town to Commercial City and reusing the Military Air base as commercial airport. The political flag moved to Wajir. Never mind, Garissa , Wajir and Mandera share the same problem when it comes to resource sharing, infrastructure, education, employment and other social amenities with the central government. Even though Northern Kenya is dominated by one ethnic community who are Somalis. Other non Somali Kenya belief that Somalis are homogeneous people who have the same culture, religion, same physical appearance among other attributes. Somalis inter-marry and live together as one community regardless of f the clan factor. But when it comes to politics, the political classes misuse the mass by inflicting hater among the communities. I still have our memories of Garissa massacre, Wagalla and Mandera. This region has faced many challenges in the previous government. We had hoped that Kibaki administration will better. Of which he did, but four month to his legacy, things are turning hey wire.

The passing of the New Constitution was a blessing and a curse in Kenya. I voted for the New Constitution as it has many provisions that the old constitution never had. But one of my worries in the New Constitutions was the Chapter on Devolve Government. I believed this chapter is a recipe of inter clan fighting. I thought the New Constitution will curtail the rogue government soldiers, the unilateral, collateral damage to the people of Northern Kenya and the rest of the country particularly areas were Muslim live. But this is not the case. Mombasa people have faced the most bizarre action from government soldiers under the name of fight terror. Clerics were killed broad day light, women and youth arrested and transferred to jails that are not accessible to the relatives. There is out right violation of Human Rights.

When Sugata massacre occurred where 42 police offices were killed, the government deployed KDF, there was mass exodus from the areas as the people were scared of the operations. Their Mps spoke and they were jailed, but the talk of the Mps have at least restrained the Force killing and rounding up of their animals. So far no one was killed or arrested in this operation.

When KDF rolled into Somalia in October last year, the Al-Shabab threatened Kenya. They said clearly that “people in house with glasses should not start throwing stones”. They vowed to cause havoc in Kenya. This is the result of crossing territories without clear objective of the war.

When three KDF forces where killed in Garissa, the Military took the law onto there hands. I do not agree with the killings of government soldiers or any human being. Whoever did the killings has the notion that “Just put the paraffin they will lit the fire”. Meaning that they knew how Kenyan forces reacts towards Somalis incase of any problem. When a government official says it was “spontaneous reaction from the military”. Does he mean the Constitution was suspended by the Military? Or the people of Garissa or NEP don’t leave under the same constitution they have voted for? What has the killing to do with the burning of the market where hundreds of people earn the livelihood? The fire started at midday and people were barred from putting off by the military. What does this show?  The owner of Waqaf hotel Mr. M.K Roble was mishandled by the military while he was trying to salvage his property that was torched. What has the burning of Posho mill to do with kill of the KDF? People have over heard from the law enforces saying the killers and the owners of business are the same. This translates that all Somalis are criminals and part of the Al Shabab web. Where is the man in charge of Kenya Defense force? I do give thumps up to the area MP Hon. Aden Duale. He was present and he was witness what they Kenya government have done it his people.

Majority of Somalis are against terror activities. We don’t cordoned terror activities. But we face many stigmas from other Kenyans as they brand us terrorist, Al -shabab and my other names. This can be ascertained by what happened in Eastleigh.  But with his kind of repercussions from the Kenya Government, then we don’t know where they want Somalis to go.

The government of Kenya is just pushing Somalis to the wall. They should not create a situation that will lead the youth who have turned away from Al – Shabab to go back and join a worthy cause.

Al-Shababs are like cancer that is not curable. With this kind of activities from Kenya government, they are just getting strong and putting propaganda war in the media. Don’t forget the issue of Kismayo and the formation of Jubaland administration can also have a hand in Garissa killings. Read my lips.

Ahmed Abdikarim Farah is a politcal analyst and freelance writer. He can be reached at [email protected]


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