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WATCH: Ohio police confrontation leaves Amazon security guard dead after attempted supervisor murder

Thursday May 16, 2024

Columbus (HOL) –  A confrontation at an Amazon warehouse in West Jefferson ended fatally on Sunday when police shot a security guard trainee, Ali Hamsa Yusuf, 22, after he attempted to kill his supervisor and later engaged officers in a shootout.

The incident began around 4:45 p.m. at the warehouse, where Yusuf, armed and unauthorized to carry a firearm on duty, targeted his supervisor. Surveillance footage captured Yusuf approaching his supervisor from behind, attempting to fire at close range, only for the weapon to malfunction. Although the initial shots 
missed, creating a terrifying scene, no injuries were reported at the warehouse.

Approximately 90 minutes later, Yusuf was located by police in Columbus, leading to a shootout at the intersection of Georgesville and Clime roads. During the exchange, Yusuf and a four-year veteran Columbus police officer were struck. The officer, saved by his bulletproof vest, was later released from Grant Medical Center.

West Jefferson Police Chief Brandon Smith noted the presence of bullet holes at the warehouse's front entry but confirmed that the shooter did not penetrate further into the building.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation has taken the lead on this case, with assistance from multiple agencies responding to the distressing events that unfolded just a day after another deadly encounter between police and suspects in Columbus.

Ali Hamsa Yusuf, who had no known criminal history, was pronounced dead at Doctors West Hospital. The motives behind his actions remain unclear, as investigations continue into this tragic incident that disrupted a community's peace unexpectedly.

Police spot Yusuf in a white Toyota Camry in Columbus, 20 miles from the Amazon warehouse, about 90 minutes later.  Columbus police


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