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Former Puntland leader accuses President Mohamud of unilateral constitution changes

Friday March 29, 2024

Garowe (HOL) - Former President of Puntland and current Senator of the Upper House of the Somali Parliament, Abdirahman Faroole, has accused President Hassan Sheikh of unilaterally changing the Somali provisional constitution without consensus among the people.

In an interview with BBC Somali on Friday, Senator Faroole warned President Hassan Sheikh against proceeding with what he termed as steps to implement changes to the Somali government structure.

Faroole highlighted that members of parliament seeking positions in the federal government are actively working to amend the country's constitution. He emphasized that the responsibility for amending the constitution lies with the two houses of parliament.

The warning from the former Puntland President comes as the federal parliament is set to vote on the amended provisional constitution in a joint session on Saturday in Mogadishu. Former Presidents Farmajo, Sheikh Sharif, and the Puntland state have also opposed the process.

President Hassan Sheikh has insisted that the constitution be amended to facilitate the implementation of the election agreement reached by the National Consultative Council despite Puntland's absence from the discussions.


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