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Young graduate murdered amid rising tribal violence

Friday March 29, 2024

Mogadishu (HOL) - In Galkayo, the murder of a young man, Ali Eid, has sparked widespread discussion in the city and on social media. Eid, a recent graduate of the University of East Africa, was killed in what is believed to be a tribalism-driven act. The incident is part of a troubling pattern of similar crimes in Galkayo, often linked to tribal disputes.

Eid had just begun his new life, having married shortly after graduation. His death, marriage, and graduation all occurred within a mere six months, marking a tragic period of rapid life changes.

Mustaf Abdiaziz Yusuf (Mustaf Harin), a social activist focusing on youth issues in Galkayo, told the BBC that the murder of Eid has underscored a disturbing trend of violence against the city's youth. The loss has propelled many, including influential youths like Jafar Yusuf, to flee the city. Yusuf, a key youth leader, noted that the violence initially targeted those involved in drug-related activities but has since escalated to include others facing difficulties.

Efforts to halt these murders against community leaders are ongoing. Harin expressed frustration with the lack of effective government intervention in Galkayo, despite repeated discussions with the Puntland administration and local elders. He criticized the government's minimal visibility and action, pointing out that any changes in Galkayo's situation are contingent on a more proactive governmental role.

The community of Galkayo has consistently opposed violence and injustice, raising their voices against such acts, though their appeals often fail to elicit a sustained response.

A particularly egregious case was the murder of Dr. Zakariye Abdi Jama, a young doctor shot at Galkayo's main hospital. Security footage showed armed assailants entering the hospital and shooting, with one gunman targeting the doctor directly.

This climate of violence has instilled a pervasive fear among Galkayo's youth, who feel like potential victims of clan-based vendettas.


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