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Residents fear army clash as newly appointed Hiiraan governor arrives in Beledweyne

Wednesday March 27, 2024

Beledweyne (HOL) - A military convoy escorting the new governor of the Hiraan region, Muse Salad Wehliye, arrived in Beledweyne on Wednesday amidst a regional power struggle in the Hiiraan region.

The delegation of the newly appointed governor, accompanied by members of the Hirshabelle administration from the Hiiraan region, arrived on the outskirts of the town via land travel and proceeded into the town on foot.

The delegation resided in a house near the regional administration center. Last week, local forces loyal to Hiiraan State, which opposes the existence of Hirshabelle, seized control of the regional administration centers in Beledweyne.

Hirshabelle regional state authorities stated that the governor's delegation entered the town through a road that had not been used before, as the Hiiraan State forces controlled the main roads in the town.

Residents of Beledweyne are deeply concerned about the governor's arrival, fearing it could ignite a new clash between the two sides.

Last Sunday, Hirshabelle regional state President Ali Gudlawe Hussein appointed Muse Salaad Weheliye as the region's new governor, replacing Abdillahi Maalin Sufurow, who had held the position since June of last year, 2023. Hirshabelle State did not provide a reason for Sufurow's dismissal.


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