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Somali President awards top talents at Somalia's Quran Recitation Competition

Wednesday March 27, 2024

Mogadishu (HOL)—Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud presented awards to the top seven winners of the second annual Quran recitation competition held by the Somali federal government.

At an Iftar event in the Presidential Palace in Mogadishu on Tuesday evening, President Mohamud commended the parents and Quran teachers who devoted their time to nurturing children who memorized the Quran.

"This poses a significant challenge to the terrorists who have shed the blood of our people, distorting our noble religion. They have killed many children studying the Quran and massacred teachers who teach children the Quran. How many Quranic schools have they destroyed? How many mosques have they demolished, or people who have memorized the Quran have they killed?" he added.

The winners are as follows:

1. Majidu Rahman Mohamed Abdullahi - $20,000.

2. Yusuf Hassan Osman - $15,000.

3. Hussein Hassan Nur - $10,000.

4. Sadiq Mohamed Ali - $7,000.

5. Fadumo Jamal Hashi - $5,000.

6. Mohamed Haroun Mohamed - $3,000.

7. Ikraan Abdikarim Hassan - $2,000.

The Minister of Religion and Endowments, Mukhtar Robow, the Competition Committee, the Somali Religious Council, and parents attended the ceremony.


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