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Djibouti rejects Somaliland's accusation of supporting anti-Somaliland movement group

Monday July 1, 2024

Djibouti (HOL) - The Minister of Finance of Djibouti, Ilyas Musa Dawaleh, has denied Somaliland President Muse Bihi's accusation that Djibouti is hosting a rebellion against Somaliland.

Minister posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday that Djibouti will always remain a beacon of regional dialogue, not a place of regional fragmentation.

"Regretting false and baseless accusations coming from Somaliland officials. Djibouti is a place of togetherness and regional integration. An anchor for regional peace and stability. Not the other way round. Let us make it crystal clear, we will always remain a beacon of regional dialogue, not a place of regional fragmentation. We value the principles of togetherness and always remain out of our neighbours' internal affairs," he added.

Dawaleh urged the Somaliland officials not to involve Djibouti in their internal politics or campaign agenda.

"Keep in mind, yesterday we were accused of supporting Somaliland against the SSC Region," he said.

The relationship between Somaliland and Djibouti has deteriorated since Somaliland and Ethiopia signed an MoU, allowing Ethiopia sea access and a military base in exchange for potential recognition of Somaliland. Djibouti saw the agreement as an economic threat.

Despite Dawaleh's denial of Somaliland's accusations, leaders of the Awdal State Movement (ASM) are currently in Djibouti. On Sunday night, they held a party there. The movement opposes the Somaliland administration and advocates for Somalia's unity.

However, talks between Somalia and Ethiopia on the diplomatic rift, facilitated by the Turkish government, are expected to start in Ankara in the coming days, as delegations from both countries arrived in Turkey in the last few hours.


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