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Somaliland releases autopsy findings on Abdinasir Dahable's body

Sunday February 25, 2024

FILE - Dr. Abdirahman Mohamed Osman, Director General of Hargeisa General Hospital, sits at his desk in Hargeisa, Somaliland. 

Hargeisa (HOL) - An independent autopsy conducted on the body of Abdinadir Muse Dahable, who was recently killed in Mogadishu at Hargeisa General Hospital, has revealed signs of torture inflicted before his death.  

Dahable's mysterious death in Mogadishu had sparked suspicions of foul play in the breakaway region of Somaliland. Authorities in Somalia's capital are treating the investigation as a potential homicide

Dahable had been working in Somalia's capital as an operator with the Somali Civil Aviation Authority.

The autopsy results were announced against a backdrop of escalating airspace tensions between Mogadishu and Hargeisa. Somalia recently introduced a new communication device for aircraft flying over Somaliland after reports of "signal jamming" and conflicting air traffic control instructions

Somaliland, however, accuses Somalia of illegally returning flights headed for Hargeisa and diverting over $60 million in airspace funds, further fueling the discord.

Dr. Abdirahman Mohamed Osman, the hospital's director-general, stated that Dahable had suffered significant trauma, including strangulation.

"After a 48-hour investigation, we have determined that he was strangled using a thick rope, which was held around his neck for 5 to 7 minutes. Additionally, his right jaw was fractured, his left cheekbone shattered, and his left eye destroyed," said Director Abdirahman Mohamed Osman.

He further noted numerous visible wounds on Dahable's body, indicating a struggle before his death. The discovery of his tongue and teeth being stuck together suggests he fought back.

Director Osman highlighted that Dahable's body had been tampered with before arriving in Hargeisa. The electricity supply to the air conditioner was cut off during the three days he remained in Mogadishu, which the director described as "a serious crime."

He explained that the refrigerator's power was also disconnected, likely to conceal any bodily changes that would obscure the injuries, preventing further examination.

The director emphasized the independence of their investigation, asserting that the government had no involvement. The Dahable family had explicitly requested the hospital to conduct the inquiry.

Dahable's body was found in Mogadishu's  El Qalow on February 18. Officials say they have no concrete leads and have yet to make an arrest. "The circumstances surrounding Dahable's death remain shrouded in mystery," said a Somali police official. 


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