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Police in Hargeisa arrest three members of the Hargeisa Local Council

Saturday April 27, 2024

Hargeisa (HOL) - Police in Hargeisa arrested three members of the Hargeisa Local Council on Friday for opposing the local government's plan to evict impoverished people from a site designated for a new building.

Local television stations reported that the apprehended officials were Siikawi, Said Jama, and Fidaar. Fidaar was reportedly subjected to police brutality during the arrest.

The conflict leading to the officials' arrest started from a dispute concerning a location in the Gobonimo market. The local government intends to construct a new building slated to become the headquarters of the June 26 District in Hargeysa town. The government issued an order to relocate the residents from the area immediately.

MP Barkhad Jama Batuun, a member of the Somaliland House of Representatives, condemned the local government's plan, labeling it unacceptable. He urged the protection of the affected people and pledged to lead a peaceful protest.

Mayor of Hargeisa, Abdikarin Ahmed Mooge, a close associate of MP Barkhad Batuun, swiftly responded to Batuun's criticism, asserting his commitment to the welfare of the people.


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