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Somalia reinforces ban on overseas government meetings as PM plans inaugural Kenya visit

Thursday April 25, 2024

Mogadishu (HOL) — The Somali government has reinforced a policy prohibiting its agencies from conducting meetings outside the country. This announcement comes as Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre prepares for his first official visit to Kenya since taking office. The visit is scheduled for next month and was confirmed by Kenya's Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Korir SingOei.

Prime Minister Hamza's visit to Nairobi will be centred around key areas of cooperation, including security, defence, aviation, trade, investment, and the enhancement of social services and higher education. The visit also holds the promise of a trade agreement that will facilitate the export of Kenyan seeds to Somalia, as recently announced by Kenya's Minister of Agriculture.

In response to criticism for holding official meetings abroad, particularly in Kenya, the Somali government has reiterated its ban on meetings outside Somalia. The decision was made during a cabinet session led by Prime Minister Barreh on Thursday, marking the second issuance within a year. In a proactive move, the Ministry of Planning has also mandated international organizations to relocate their offices to Somalia, ensuring that all governmental meetings are held within national borders.

"Kenya and Somalia are committed neighbours working jointly to bolster the stability and prosperity of both nations and the region," said SingOei, emphasizing the importance of the upcoming visit by Prime Minister Hamza for regional collaboration.


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