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Shabelle river floods multiple areas near Jowhar, Middle Shabelle region

Hassan Istiila
Thursday April 25, 2024

Jowhar (HOL) - Shabelle River has flooded multiple areas near Jowhar town in the Middle Shabelle region over the past few hours, according to the local officials.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture in Hirshabelle, Mohamed Bashir Qasim Daqare, stated that the floods have affected several areas, including Baarey, Marerey, Kukaay, Mandere, Hawadley, and Bayahaw.

"Despite concerted efforts by local authorities to prevent the river from flooding, the substantial rainfall across the country has caused the river to overflow," he added.

Two days prior, the Somali Disaster Management Agency (SoDMA) issued early flood warnings, anticipating impacts in the final week of April. SoDMA emphasized potential consequences in districts such as Jowhar, Beledweyn, Buulaburde, Luuq, Dolow, and other major towns, especially in regions where rivers do not typically flow, notably Bay, Bakool, Gedo, and Lower Juba.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has also sounded alarms. On Sunday, they projected that the upcoming Gu rains and ensuing floods across 22 districts in Somalia could affect approximately 770,000 people.


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