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Somalia government calls for immediate end to tribal conflicts in South West

Friday April 19, 2024

Minister of State for Internal Affairs Saadad Aliyow

Mogadishu (HOL) — The Federal Government of Somalia is urging an immediate stop to the tribal conflicts in the South West, which have recently escalated, causing significant losses of life and property. Minister of State for Internal Affairs Saadad Aliyow highlighted the dire consequences of the wars in the districts of Burhakaba, Dinsoor, Barawe, Wanlaweyn, and Qoryooley, which include numerous deaths, injuries, displacement, and destruction of property.

Aliyow made a compelling appeal to the communities involved, emphasizing the need for peace. "There are communities whose connections are stronger than the earth itself; living together is determined by divine will, not by personal choice. Stop the fighting, fear God, and live in peace. The wise among you should encourage your communities to refrain from fighting," he stated.

In his address, Aliyow also communicated his ministry's readiness to collaborate with the Minister of Transport to assist in quelling the ongoing conflicts in the region. The ongoing tribal wars have not only destabilized the districts but also led to broader concerns about security and development in the South West region.


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