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Vote counting close to completion in Puntland local government elections

Friday May 26, 2023



Mogadishu (HOL) - The vote-counting process for the historic local government elections in Puntland is nearing its conclusion, with several political parties vying closely for the lead.

According to preliminary results,  Kaah and Mideeye emerged as the top contenders, garnering the highest number of votes in yesterday's elections.

In the Bari region, which accounts for the majority of votes, initial results indicate that Mideeye secured the largest vote share.

Similarly, in the villages within the Bosaso District, Kaah and Mideye are leading, while Sincad and Mustaqbal also received significant support.

In the Mudug region, the preliminary results point to Kaah securing the highest number of votes, with sources claiming they won as many as 15 seats.

The official election results are expected to be announced by the Puntland Election Commission on Friday evening, pending the completion of vote counting in the remaining areas. 

Stay tuned for updates.


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