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Somali songstress Amina Abdullahi Hersi passes away in Somaliland

Saturday March 18, 2023

Mogadishu (HOL) - Somali songstress Amina Abdullahi Hersi, renowned for her songs about love and patriotism, passed away on Saturday in Borama, Somaliland's Awdal region, according to her family.

Amina was born in the Kala-baydh, located between the towns of Borama and Wajale. She spent her early years growing up in Djibouti.

She became a wife and had a child with the poet Abdi Adan Haad (Qays). She was also married to fellow musical artist Abdirahman Osman Mahabe (Abdirahman-dheere), who is the father of the famous singer Hodan Abdirahman.

Amina dedicated almost 30 years to singing and performing comedy for the Somali people, participating in numerous plays by renowned playwrights such as Hassan Ganay and Abdi Adan Haad Abdi-Qays.

Amina retired from music almost a decade ago after returning from Hajj. She reportedly fell ill in Borama, where she resided until her death.

Amina was a member of the famous Waaberi band and appeared in several theatrical plays, including "Waraf iyo Shimbir," in which she played the role of the mother of renowned singer Hassan Adan Samatar. She also acted in many other theatrical plays.

One of her most famous songs is "Daruraha Cirkoo Shuux Soo Shubey." Her other well-known song, "Labadeena Googgaa," was released in the 1970s in collaboration with Hassan Adan Samatar.

The first theatrical play she participated in after joining the Waberi band was “Gabdhayahow yaa idin leh,” written by poet Abdi Qeys. During the play, Amina and Abdullahi Diriye Sooran released the famous song titled “Miyaan Xalayto Jiifsaday” (Did I sleep last night)

Amina will be remembered as a member of the famous Waaberi band, and Somalis worldwide have begun paying tribute to the deceased singer for her contribution to Somali art.


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