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Somalia soldier receives jail sentence for killing suspected Al Shabaab prisoner

Tuesday March 14, 2023


Mogadishu (HOL) - A soldier in Somalia has been sentenced to five years in prison by a military court on Tuesday for killing a suspected Al Shabaab member who was also a prisoner.

The court found Major Abdullahi Mohamed Osoble guilty of drowning Adan Gara Habarwa during an interrogation session on February 23. Habarwa, along with two others, was suspected of being involved in the assassination of Mohamed Aweys, commander of the Somali armed forces' 28th battalion. Aweys was killed in an explosion on February 18 in the Beled Hawo district, and Habarwa was the only civilian suspect among the three.

Following the interrogation incident, Osoble was detained by the security services. However, when the military tried to move him to Mogadishu on February 28, a gunfight broke out at an airstrip in the Dolow district on February 28. The battle led to the deaths of four people, including the airport security commander, and injured three others. Militia forces had attempted to prevent Osoble from leaving the airport to exact vigilante justice.

The chief justice of the military court, Major Hassan Ali Nur Shute, delivered the jail sentence.


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