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Muse Bihi lands in Addis as Ethiopia reportedly seeks more port stake in Somaliland

Tuesday January 18, 2022

ADDIS ABABA (HOL) - Somaliland President Muse Bihi arrived in Addis Ababa  Tuesday morning following an invitation from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Bihi was accompanied by a delegation of senior government officials among them Foreign Affairs Minister Essa Kayd Mohamoud.

The purpose of the visit was not clear but comes in the wake of international pressure on the Abiy Ahmed administration over the ongoing fighting in Tigray region where the government has been accused of airstrikes against civilians.

Sources have also said Ethiopia is eyeing a deal on the management of the strategic Zayla port as Addis Ababa seeks to expand its access to sea transport.

Ethiopia now has a 19% stake in Berbera port following a tri-lateral concessional restructuring in 2019.

The May 2019 shareholding agreement between UAE’s DP World, Somaliland government and Ethiopia saw DP World cede 15% of its 51% share at Berbera port to Ethiopia.

Somaliland on the other hand handed Ethiopia a 4% stake.

Bihi is expected to hold talks with his host Abiy Ahmed today.


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