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Jubaland SEIT releases schedule for Gedo elections

Friday April 15, 2022

Kismayo (HOL) - The Jubaland State Election Implementation Team (SEIT) released the schedule for the elections of Gedo's 16 legislative seats, following the federal election commission's decision to move the electoral venue to Elwak rather than Garbaharey. 

According to Jubaland's SEIT schedule, the entire electoral process, which includes announcing the selection of electoral delegates and registration of MP candidates, will be completed between 18 - 27 April. 

The first election will be between April 16 and 18, and it will be for seat HOP#079. The seat was last held by Mohamud Muhumed Omar "Kulow," who passed away.

The Federal Electoral Implementation Team (FEIT) announced on Thursday that they had shifted the election of the 16 Gedo seats in Garbaharey to Elwak. The electoral commission accused the Gedo administration of barring commission members from reaching Garbaharey. Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and Jubaland President Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madobe) welcomed the decision to move the election location.



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