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Al-Shabaab fighter surrenders to SNA in SW State

Friday April 15, 2022

Mohamed Mohamud Fanah surrendered to SNA fighters on Wednesday. HANDOUT - SNA

Baidoa (HOL ) - A senior al-Shabab fighter who confessed to staging attacks in Baidoa, Southwest State surrendered to government security forces this week, the Somali military announced on Thursday.

The Somalia National Army (SNA) Radio said Mohamed Mohamud Fanah, an Al-Shabaab operative active in the organization for five years, contacted SNA officials in Baidoa and defected to the government. 

"Fanah has formally denounced the terrorist ideology of Al-Shabab and has pledged to assist Somali authorities with any information against the group," the SNA Radio reported.

Somalia's government has offered Al-Shabaab fighters a general amnesty if they surrender to government authorities. Several al-Shabab leaders and fighters have taken advantage of this amnesty in the past and often go on to join Somalia's intelligence and security sector after completing a government rehabilitation.




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