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Somali premier pledges election transparency amid political tensions

Monday November 29, 2021

Somalia's prime minister vowed Sunday to ensure transparency in the country's ongoing parliamentary elections as well as to "correct the mistakes" made so far.

In a statement after a meeting with opposition presidential candidates in the capital Mogadishu, Mohamed Hussein Roble sought to ease political tensions over allegations of a "lack of transparency and blatant violations" in the polls.

"The prime minister is taking into account the concerns expressed about the transparency of the elections by the Union of Candidates, the concern of the Somali people and the international community and promised that the National Consultative Assembly would convene to work together to ensure that the country's elections occur efficiently and correct mistakes," Roble said in a statement after the meeting.

At their meeting with Roble, presidential candidates including former presidents Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed expressed "serious concern" over a lack of transparency in the ongoing elections and voiced their dissatisfaction with the current course of events, according to government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu.

Reassuring them on the elections' transparency, Roble instructed the Electoral Commission to carry out its duties in accordance with the agreed electoral procedures, according to the statement.

"All those who violate the transparency of the elections will be held accountable," it added.

This comes a day after opposition presidential candidates announced that they would not recognize the election results in some areas, citing a "lack of transparency and blatant violation" in the parliamentary elections.


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