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Puntland military court delivers death sentence to five Shabaab militants

Monday May 3, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Five Al-Shabaab militants were Monday sentenced to death in Somalia’s Puntland state by a military court.

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The military court sitting in Garowe declared the five guilty of high profile assassinations and targeted killings in the state.

The five are Mohamed Hashi Mumin (Abu-dayib), Abdulkadir Ahmed Ummal (Abu-Abdalla), Mohamed Ali Awke (Jeri), Mohamed Abdullahi Ayanle (Abbeyle) and Qasim Jaylani Al-Turabi.

The court held that the five, on various occasions conducted killings targeting government officials, military and business people.

Court judge Colonel Ali Shire said the prosecution had established beyond reasonable doubt that the defendants were guilty of the charges against them.

He directed them to file any appeal within 30 days.


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