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PM Roble responds to Farmaajo, affirms 'full authority'

Sunday August 8, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Prime Minister Mohamed Roble has responded to a decree issued by President Mohamed Farmaajo Saturday night calling on his cabinet to 'proceed with business as usual.'

In what could be seen as a rejection of the decree, PM Roble said in a statement the Provisional Constitution granted the Council of Minister's full authority until a new government comes into being.

"In accordance with Article 97, Clause 1 of the Provisional Constitution, the executive power of the Federal Republic shall be vested in the Council of Ministers, which shall act in accordance with the Constitution, and shall have the highest authority," the statement read in part.

A decree issued by Farmaajo Saturday evening ordered all government officials not to enter into any agreements both locally and internationally until a new government is elected.

The outgoing President argued that the current government does not have the authority to conduct business on behalf of the state.

The President's directive came ahead of a visit to the country by Kenyan foreign minister Raychelle Omamo.

The Kenyan minister met with PM Roble and handed him an invitation from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

There had been reports that Kenya was seeking a lift on the khat ban by Somalia, which may have necessitated Farmaajo's move.

But in his response, Roble said his government had the authority to enter into agreements.

"The government is also responsible for enforcing the law, maintaining security, and protecting the country's interests and the people of Somalia. The Provisional Constitution mandates the Federal Government to negotiate foreign aid, trade, treaties or issues important in relation to international agreements," Roble said.

The exchanges are likely to widen the rift between the two leaders.


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