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Troops Contributing Countries urge Amisom against taking sides in Somali politics

Thursday April 29, 2021

ADDIS ABABA (HOL) - Troops and Police Contributing Countries to AMISOM have called on the AU sanctioned force to distance itself from partisan politics in Somalia in light of ongoing tensions in the country.

Military and police commanders under the Meeting of the Coordination Committee (MOCC) framework, which met virtually on Wednesday, underscored the need for Amisom to remain neutral and continue its mission of keeping peace in Somalia.

“Importantly, the MOCC stressed that AMISOM should avoid being drawn into partisan politics in Somalia, but should remain neutral vis-à-vis the various political factions and parties, to facilitate the demilitarisation of Mogadishu and environs effectively,” a communique following the meeting read in part.

The remarks follow concerns by the opposition in Somalia that Amisom was aiding the Federal Government.

The National Salvation Forum said in a statement Monday National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) Director Fahad Yasin had sourced weapons from Amisom to be used in attacking opposition forces.

The MOCC also said Amisom would be empowered to host the African Union envoy, who will be mediating upcoming electoral talks.



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