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Clan militia join ‘separatist’ General Hud faction in Hiiraan region

Monday November 30, 2020

MOGADISHU (HOL) -  Militias from Galjael clan in Hiiraan Monday threw their support behind a faction protesting the newly elected HirShabelle government amid calls for the formation of a separate state.

The militias were received by the Hiiraan Rescue Council head general Abukar Warsame Hud in the outskirts of Beletweyne town.

Abdi Alow who led the group told journalists they were ‘pursuing right for the people of Hiiraan’ noting they had been discriminated by the federal government.

General Hud said the government no longer respected the will of the people adding plans were underway to form a separate ‘Hiiraan state.

“The government is based on the will of the people and if it does not listen to the will of the people, we will not accept what it says,” said Hud.

The massing up of forces allied to Hud started mid this month when the new administration was installed in HirShabelle.

Hud and his faction are protesting the election of Ali Guudlaawe as the president of HirShabelle arguing his election violated clan power matrix which dictated a new president should have come from Hiiraan region.

Attempts by Hiiraan governor Ali Jeyte to engage Hud’s faction failed last week. There were unconfirmed reports the Federal Government had issued a warrant of arrest against general Hud.


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