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Military man to face death for murder of football fan in Mogadishu

Tuesday March 10, 2020

MOGADISHU (HOL) - A military man was Tuesday sentenced to death in Mogadishu by a military court for murder of a football fan at a stadium in the capital, Mogadishu.

The court found constable Osman Mohamed Nur guilty of opening fire at and killing Abdirahman
Abdullahi Osman in Kahda district January 3, 2020.

According to the prosecution, Nur had come to the stadium to intervene in a confrontation between his
relative and the victim.

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However, the deputy prosecutor Ismael Salat said, “The accused did not attempt any alternative means to resolve the dispute but instead pulled his gun and shot the deceased two times.”

The victim died on the spot; the court heard before the Judge Colonel Mohamed Nur Shute pronounced
the death sentence for the soldier. The defendant has the right to appeal the case within 30 days.

Such cases of trigger-happy security personnel have been reported in Mogadishu in past.

At least three instances of police and military personnel shooting dead bajaj drivers were reported in Mogadishu in

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