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Janan leaves Mandera for Kismayu as Somalia-Kenya row eases

Monday March 9, 2020


MOGADISHU (HOL) -Wanted Jubbaland Security Minister Abdirashid Janan whose month-long stay Kenya’s Mandera county has been the source of tension with Somalia has left the border town and arrived in Kismayu, HOL has learnt.

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Multiple sources in Mandera and Kismayu told HOL the embattled minister who escaped custody in Mogadishu late January left Mandera Monday morning for Kismayu.

According to sources in Mandera, Janan’s troops some of which were housed by Kenyan security forces vacated the camp heading towards the border to Somalia. In Kismayu, sources confirmed to HOL Janan had arrived in coastal city.

Janan’s exit from Kenya comes a day after a Kenyan delegation held talks with President Mohamed Farmaajo in Mogadishu where the recent feuds between the two nations was main subject of discussion.

A statement from Villa Somalia noted President Farmaajo had accepted an invitation by his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta to further explore ways to end the disputes between the two countries.


Somali Police Force issued an international warrant of arrest through INTERPOL for the arrest of Janan who escaped custody in Mogadishu and headed to Kismayu by boat before flying to Nairobi for treatment. Somalia lashed out of Kenya for harbouring the wanted official.

Days later Janan returned to the border town of Belet-Hawo where he amassed his forces before crossing to Kenya where he was hosted to date. Somali National Army engaged Jubbaland forces last week in the Belet-Hawo spilling into the Kenyan side where at least ten people were injured.

The two countries have in the last weeks traded accusations with Somalia making a complaint at
the UN Security Council for what it termed intrusion and encroachment by Kenya.

Kenya would later respond following the Belet-Hawo clash warning Somalia of ‘provocation’.

But a phone call between Kenyatta and Farmaajo last Wednesday eased tension followed by a direct diplomatic engagement between the two countries.

Jubbaland and the Federal Government remain at odds and it is unlikely President Ahmed Madobe will hand over his minister to Mogadishu to face charges.

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