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Shabaab man gets 10 years behind bars in ruling by military court

Sunday March 8, 2020

MOGADISHU (HOL) - A military court in Mogadishu has sentenced to ten years in jail a man for belonging to the out-lawed militant group Al-Shabaab and being in possession of a hand grenade.

The man identified as Muse Mohamed Ahmed was found guilty of the two counts following his
arrest last November.

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He had travelled from Janaale, an Al-Shabaab stronghold and was nabbed by the 14 October Brigade of the Somali National Army in the coastal city of Marka in Lower

The court martial judge General Hassan Ali Shute determined the suspect be jailed for ten years
but with the option of an appeal within 30 days.

Ahmed joins several other Al-Shabaab suspects who are either serving jail terms or awaiting
execution following their sentencing by the military court.

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