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FGS poured money but I declined, Madobe says, warns federalism on its knees

Saturday March 7, 2020

KISMAYO (HOL) - Jubbaland president Ahmed Madobe has lashed out at the Federal Government equating with the militant group Al-Shabaab in a harsh hitting speech during the reopening of the state parliament.

Madobe, who is at odds with the Federal Government following the latter’s declaration not to recognize his presidency said President Mohamed Farmaajo’s administration had deployed all means to bring to submission leaders of the Federal Member States.

“This government and Al-Shabaab are in the same boat. The militants brand those who oppose them as apostates while the Federal Government calls them traitors.

The Federal Government announced last October it would not recognize Madobe’s re-election in September and went ahead to announce plans for fresh elections. But it has since put on hold plans for a new poll.

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Madobe told the state legislators the Federal leaders in Mogadishu had attempted bribed him to tow the line but he declined noting his counterparts in other states had been pressured to step down.

The pressure, Madobe said started with South West which he said then leader Sharif Hassan Adan was forced to ‘either support their ideas or quit’. Adan quit the presidency and the race in its run-up August 2018.

He added the same case was witnessed in Galmudug and Puntland noting the current administration had dismantled the federalism project.

“Since September, the government has exerted pressure on Jubbaland especially myself,” charged Madobe. “I was forced through bribes and threats. The government moved up and down with money to bribe leaders of the state. I was told to take money and when I refused, I was threatened.”

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